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“Rochelle is an experienced, proven leader that has led Davis through one economic storm and will do so again. She is a trusted partner who has a deep commitment to her community. We are fortunate she has agreed to resume a role in local public service. Together, we will ensure Davis has the resources to emerge stronger and secure a bright future for all families.”

Bill Dodd
California Senator

“I am so excited that Rochelle is running to represent District 5, South Davis & Olive Drive. District 5 is fortunate to have someone dedicated and knowledgeable, who has a history of strong leadership.”

Holly Bishop

Longtime South Davis Resident

“As a leader, Rochelle brings a unique combination of life experience, professional achievement and personal qualities to public service. She was a good partner when I served in the Legislature -- effective, honest, and energetic. Davis is facing the greatest economic and public health challenges in recent memory.  Now is not the time to learn on the job.  She is the best person to represent District 5 as well as our entire city.”


Lois Wolk

California State Senate, Retired 

"I have worked with Rochelle for over a decade and her commitment to the diverse children and families that live in are Community is incredible- she cares and it shows with the policies and practices she’s helped implement. Thanks Rochelle for your dedication to the people that need you the most!


Katie Baker Villegas

Executive Director

Yolo County Children’s Alliance 

“As a business owner, parent to young children, active community volunteer, and someone who deeply cares about the future of Davis for generations to come, I am excited to see Rochelle running for City Council again. Rochelle’s forward thinking vision and most importantly, her track record to create an economically vibrant, diverse and inclusive City is needed during these challenging times. Rochelle was also a working parent, balancing family while giving back to the community— deeply understanding the needs of diverse Davis families and residents of all generations.”

Vanessa Erracarte  

Longtime South Davis Resident & Social Services Commission,
Former Chair, Davis

“One of the things that makes Davis so great is that we have such a strong community. Rochelle’s deep roots and commitment to collaboration with diverse groups is an asset. I’m supporting Rochelle for council because I want her skills back on the dais to help guide our community into the future.”

Helen Thomson
California State Assembly, Retired

"In her previous terms on Council, Rochelle Swanson helped lead the city through the economic crisis of the Great Recession. Her experience is exactly what we need to tackle the health care and economic crises caused by the coronavirus, while preserving the quality of life that makes Davis so special.”  


Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

California Assemblymember

“As a lifelong resident of South Davis and a current university student, I am happy that Rochelle is willing to take my input, as well as that of many others my age, into account while she runs for the District 5 seat. Her dedication to doing the best thing for every constituent in her district is admirable, and she will continue to do so after she is elected again.” 


Priya Sah

“We need a City Council that reflects the community and focuses on the most pressing issues facing Davis first. We need to support projects that promote walkable neighborhoods where residents can easily get to food fun and the basics. As a South Davis resident Rochelle knows firsthand the frustrations in being limited in choices. District 5 is home to the most socioeconomically diverse population in Davis. So we need somebody representing our area who understands that policy can’t just be one size fits all. Policy making must be rooted in compassion.”


Gloria Partida

Mayor City of Davis

“During these tough economic times it is imperative that we have someone on the Davis City Council like Rochelle Swanson who has the experience, knowledge and understanding of the importance of maintaining services. Rochelle has an open ear and a genuine desire to make sure those without a voice are heard. I am proud to support Rochelle Swanson for Davis City Council.”

Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald

Police Accountability Commissioner, City of Davis

“Rochelle is an experienced leader with a unique approach to addressing our City's social, racial, and economic disparities. She leads with racial and social equity values demonstrating a genuine concern for our community's underserved population. Rochelle's approach to developing local government policies and programs will be informed and focused on creating a healthy community and economy. As a volunteer planning commissioner for the City of Davis who has built a professional career addressing racial and social justice issues, I'm honored to lend my support on her reelection campaign.”


Darryl Rutherford

Planning Commissioner
City of Davis 

“Rochelle Swanson is an outstanding candidate for our Davis City Council. She brings intelligence, integrity and a brass backbone to do the job of governing this community. Her thoroughness, approachability, sense of humor and civility will help our council to govern sensibly and progressively.”

Delaine Eastin
California State Superintendent of Instruction, Retired

“I’m delighted for South Davis to finally have representation on the Davis City Council. I’m even more excited to support my good friend Rochelle Swanson in her bid to be that representative. I’ve seen her ability to analyze complex situations and bridge uncommon collaborations in order to deliver solutions where everyone wins. Combined with her diverse background and positive vision for our future, I’m confident the city will only be improved with her on the Council.”

Matthew Lange

“We can't meet the challenges of today or tomorrow without leaders like Rochelle Swanson who embody progressive, accountable and responsible governance. She is a leader whose expertise can help Davis meet the challenges of our college town and leverage our home grown innovations and entrepreneurs that are the key to economic sustainability. I'm proud to support Rochelle for District 5 and look forward to her representing our community on the Davis City Council.”

Dr. Sham Goyal
40 year resident of South Davis

"I enthusiastically endorse Rochelle Swanson for the Davis City Council, District 5.  Like so many others, I am grateful for Ms. Swanson’s longstanding work as both a volunteer and as a Councilmember in support of our students, families, businesses, and local organizations.  I am confident she will be a strong advocate for the residents of South Davis and for all Davis community members.  Please join me in supporting her candidacy."
Joe DiNunzio
Board President, Davis Joint Unified School District & President, Davis Chamber of Commerce 

“I am proud to support Rochelle Swanson, a known leader in Davis. Rochelle is smart and experienced with a proven track record of community leadership in Davis for well over a decade.  Rochelle hits high marks for what matters to me, including a strong record of volunteerism for Davis schools & students, active support for smart growth & innovation for businesses in Davis, and leadership with lived experience on social justice and equity. Thank you, Rochelle, for putting yourself out there again after serving on the city council 2010-18.  You helped move us forward following the 2008 recession,  and I know you can do it again.”

Jodi Liederman

Founding Chair of Davis Parent University
Board member 2015-2018
& Fundraiser for Congregation Bet Haverim
Donor Relations Specialist at Yolo Food Bank 2018- Jan 2020

"Rochelle is uniquely qualified to serve and lead our community. She’s an attorney, has had a high-level career in tech and policy, a single mom, an ardent advocate for the environment, and a small business owner who has volunteered extensively in the community and served two previous terms on the council. Davis needs Rochelle’s level-headed, inclusive, get-it-done approach and expertise. She’s poised to lead our community when we need it most."


Chris Soderquist

Owner, RepowerYolo

”Over the years working with Rochelle in Davis, she has always demonstrated the utmost professionalism and dedication to being a servant of the public. She has a profound understanding of the city’s budget, and is the kind of representation that South Davis has needed for awhile. In these perilous times of fiscal uncertainty and greater need for self-sufficiency within Davis, Rochelle is the best equipped to not only weather this storm but help guide Davis into a brighter future. She has my support!”

Eric M Gudz
Former Chair, Bicycling, Transportation, and Street Safety Commission, City of Davis

“I'm supporting Rochelle for Davis City Council because of her dedication not only to District 5 but all Davis residents. She has her pulse on our community and has made such a difference here for decades in so many ways We have an important choice to make this election and I know Rochelle's honesty, integrity and expertise are what Davis needs now more than ever. ”

Tammy Ten Broeck 
Owner, Davis Swim & Fitness

“These are unprecedented times for the City of Davis and in my view there is no better choice in District 5 in November than Rochelle Swanson to deal with our current challenges. Amid our Covid-19 challenges, she brings to the table experienced leadership in guiding the city through the last recession and recovery. Add to that her deep commitment to economic development that will generate the revenues we need to sustain the quality of life and services we all enjoy. ”


Dan Carson

City of Davis Councilmember

“The City of Davis is facing a host of serious challenges. It needs a voice of experience and a calm demeanor to chart the way forward. Rochelle has been a consistent leader and voice of reason. Her behind-the-scenes skills as a team builder and facilitator are great assets in a council member. Her proven ability to forge compromise and her in-depth knowledge of the city, schools, and the university will expand the council’s skill set and vision.”

Gary Sandy
Chairman, Yolo County
Board of Supervisors

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Bill Dodd, California State Senate

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, California State Assembly

Gary Sandy, Chairman Yolo County Supervisors

Jim Provenza, Yolo County Supervisor

Oscar Villegas, Yolo County Supervisor

Angel Barajas, Yolo County Supervisor-elect, Woodland City Council member

Gloria Partida, Mayor City of Davis

Lucas Frerichs, Vice Mayor City of Davis

Brett Lee, Former Mayor, Council Member City of Davis

Will Arnold, Council Member City of Davis

Dan Carson, Council Member City of Davis

Joe DiNunzio, President DJUSD & Board Chair of Davis Chamber of Commerce

Bob Poppenga, DJUSD Trustee

Alan Fernandes, DJUSD Trustee

Tom Adams, DJUSD Trustee

Darryl Rutherford, Planning Commissioner City of Davis

Georgina Valencia, Chair Social Services Commission City of Davis

Cecilia Escamilia-Greenwald, Police Accountability Commissioner City of Davis

Tom Stallard, Mayor Pro Tempore City of Woodland

Delaine Eastin, California State Superintendent of Instruction, Retired

Lois Wolk, California State Senate, Retired

Helen Thomson, Former Assembly member

Ruth Asmundson, Former Mayor City of Davis

Maynard Skinner, Former Mayor City of Davis

Vanessa Errecarte, Former Chair Social Services Commission City of Davis

Cindy Pickett, Former President DJUSD

Gina Daleiden, Former President DJUSD

Richard Harris, Former Board member DJUSD

William Alger

Jennifer Anderson

Nichole Arnold

Meg Arnold

Shelly Bailes

Samantha Toomey Ballard

Steve Boutin

Dr. Janine Bera

Janet Berry

Holly Bishop

Paul Boylan

Heather Caswell

Chuck Cunningham

Lydia Delis-Schlosser

Neil Dhanowa

Eric Gudz

Elly Fairclough

Cathy Farman

Michael Faust

Doby Fleeman

Sham Goyal

Steve Greenfield

George Hague

Gregg Herrington

Lisa Herrington

Alan Hirsch

Brian Horsefield

Luanne Horsefield

Leslie Hunter

Jim Hopp

Heidy Kellison

Tommy Kiltz

Matthew Lange

Brianne Maloney

Karen Mattis

Michael McCormick

Elizabeth Moon

Sung Moon

James Morante

John Natsoulas

Ashok Patel

Gita Patel

Suresh Patel

Sangeeta Patel

Donna Provenza

Luis Quinonez

Kay Resler

Catherine Renaudin

Christian Renaudin

Tina Reynolds

Priya Sah

Robert Salazaar

Eileen Samitz

Lawrence Shepard

Chris Soderquist

Eva Spiegel

Meg Stallard

Todd Storm

Nancy Storm

Charlie Swanson

Cass Sylvia

Jason Taormino

Tammy Ten Broek

Leroy Tripette

Katie Villegas

Bill Weisgerber

Mike Wyman

Reed Youmans

Susan Youmans

Jay Ziegler

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