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Question #3: Do you support or oppose the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus,why or why not?

Yes, I support more jobs and affordable sustainably designed housing within the DISC project because our community deserves more options for economic and lifestyle resiliency. This project on the Mace curve reflects more than ten years of studies and community outreach. The $117 million in one-time fees and $15 million in construction taxes will help sustain us through the ongoing shortfalls from the global pandemic. This is only part of the equation. The new Davisites and on-site workers will provide economic stimulus to our downtown and neighborhood businesses as new customers, as well as provide additional students for Davis’ under enrolled schools.

Davis is uniquely positioned to support and enhance research and research related industries, including but not limited to sustainable agriculture, carbon neutral transportation, and equitable food production and distribution. Davis is home to the country’s premiere agricultural research institution. Location matters.

A lack of jobs for a range of educational and vocational backgrounds necessitates workers driving out of town for work and a lack of affordable housing necessitates workers driving into town. We cannot ignore those environmental impacts any more than we should ignore the built-in mitigation measures in the development agreement and the advances in technology that can lessen emissions in industries here in California and around the world. Additionally, the revenues generated from the construction fees alone can help to fund the education and outreach on our current and pending Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, which I have been proud to support from the beginning.

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