• David M. Greenwald

Clarification of Saturday’s Column

I actually thought Saturday’s column was pretty clearly written.  My analysis leads to the conclusion that Will Arnold, Lucas Frerichs and Rochelle Swanson are the favorites to win.

I did hedge my bets, as there are some undercurrents that could push the electorate in a different direction.

My comments were also apparently taken out of context.

I wrote, regarding Josh Chapman, “Josh Chapman in most years would be a clear favorite to win.”

However, I added, “he is facing a de facto incumbent in that Rochelle Swanson served eight years on the council, took two off, and is back.”

I am not talking about COVID here.  I am talking about the strength of the candidate that Josh Chapman is facing.

What I am saying here is that Josh Chapman is a strong candidate, he has a good resume, and if he were facing an open field like in 2018, he would be a clear favorite to win.  But the fact is, he is not facing an open field.  He is facing a very strong candidate.  I focused on Rochelle Swanson’s eight years on the council and all her support—but all of that embodies the fact that she has a very strong track record.

So, in fact, she is in my view the clear frontrunner.

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