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Letter: Election

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

This is such a hard time and there has never been a more critical election. Here are four of my local favorites.

I’ve known Supervisor Jim Provenza for 30 years and have worked with him on weighty matters to improve the lives of all women and children. Back in the early 90’s when substantial legislative reforms were proposed, he was one of only a few men we could count on to advocate with us. His accomplishments are legendary and he has never stopped this work. I completely agree: we need more women leaders, but Jim is the wrong man to replace.

Regarding Rochelle Swanson’s bid for the 5th City Council District, South Davis is often underrepresented when it comes to city and school district issues. When I served on the Montgomery Elementary Site Council, it was apparent great numbers of our population weren’t seen. Rochelle’s sensitivity to a district that reflects the diversity within her own family and her historical attention to our small business community make her an ideal choice.

What I appreciate most about Councilman Lucas Frerichs is how we can count on him in times of crisis. Not only does he transparently report emergency information through multiple channels, he responded to me individually when I was very ill to make sure I was safe in a power outage. He routinely spearheads fundraisers for fire victims, the food insecure, and many more causes. We are well served by him.

And, finally, Councilman Will Arnold has been a champion for women and children throughout his tenure. This was most apparent when the City devoted a portion of cannabis tax revenues to launch a groundbreaking pilot program with First 5 Yolo. This successful program was expanded countywide and is changing the lives of high-risk mothers and their babies.

Especially now, we need representatives who won’t miss a beat adjusting to a new job. The folks listed above are compassionate, accessible, experienced, and hardworking. They offer steady leadership amidst uncertainty. Please join me in supporting them. Heidy Kellison Davis

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