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Letter: In support of Swanson

In the future, South Davis will have its own representative and voice on the Davis City Council and I hope that person is someone strong, sensitive, and responsible. Through your esteemed paper, I would like to bring to the attention of my fellow South Davis residents, an outstanding candidate running for City Council this year from our district, No. 5.

In 2018, I was very disappointed when I learned that Rochelle Swanson was not going to seek re-election to the City Council but was elated this year when she decided to run again. I had seen Rochelle in action at several City Council meetings and her skills in dealing with difficult issues. I was very impressed by her approach, dedication, progressive thoughts and analytical skills. There have been times when the council was divided on the issues, but Rochelle came up with solutions, which were budget-friendly and provided accountability, and was progressive in nature.

In short, these are extraordinary times which require extraordinary ideas and approaches. The COVID-19 pandemic has added a whole new and difficult dimension to the society, which requires leaders like Rochelle, ones who embody progressive, accountable, and responsible governance. She is a leader whose experience and expertise can help Davis meet the challenges of our college town and leverage our unique and home-grown innovations and entrepreneurs that are the key to economic sustainability.

I am proud to support Rochelle for District 5, and I look forward to her representing our community on the Davis City Council.

Sham S. Goyal Davis

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