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Letter: Rochelle will bring South Davis’ voice to the table

Since moving to South Davis in 2000, I have not only been part of the larger Davis community but as a resident of this area, I have experienced some of the unique challenges for what is now District 5. It’s my commitment to Davis and South Davis that inspired me to join Rochelle Swanson’s team as her campaign manager.

Not only does Rochelle know Davis, she knows South Davis. Rochelle first made South Davis home in 1993 and it is where she largely raised her three boys. Her children attended the local schools, and she lives in the home she purchased in the early 2000s. Her many years in this part of town give her a deep understanding of District 5 in terms of our opportunities and challenges because, historically, we’ve been treated differently from other areas of town. Rochelle’s earlier experience serving as an at-large member of the Davis City Council provides her with particular insight on the lack of the voice of this part of town. District 5, which includes South Davis and the Olive Drive corridor, is a strong revenue generator for the rest of the city, and yet many residents feel that our needs are overlooked.

It’s not just the Mace Boulevard fiasco, Pacifico, the South Davis Library and Learning Center project. Residents are rightly upset that all despite all the revenue generated here, we don’t even have a community meeting place. Where can we gather beyond bumping into neighbors at Safeway or Nugget? Rochelle raised concerns about where the finances were for the South Davis Library Learning Center, back then it was called the Community Center. I am grateful Rochelle agreed to run again and now this time to serve District 5. I’m one of many who personally asked Rochelle to consider putting her hat in this very important race. I know she has compassion for South Davis and will do all she can to make sure District 5 gets a voice at the table. For more information or to join our team, email me at, or visit our website at Holly Bishop Davis

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