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Letter: Swanson and Frerichs

I write to express my strong support for Council candidates Lucas Frerichs and Rochelle Swanson. I’ve known and worked with Lucas and Rochelle in civic and professional contexts, both within our city and beyond it. Both demonstrate the type of leadership that I believe our community needs: thoughtful, collaborative, and committed.

Lucas, through his eight years on Council, has been an exceptional advocate for the City of Davis across the greater Capital Region, including as the current Chair of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG). During the Downtown Plan Advisory Committee (DPAC) process, which I chaired, Lucas was a fully informed and consistently thoughtful source of ideas and advice about how best ensure that the final plan truly reflected the community’s needs and priorities. On two larger projects, Lucas stayed true to his pre-Council priorities and contributed to the lengthy processes of founding and launching both Valley Clean Energy as well as the Woodland Davis Clean Water Agency. Throughout, and especially in the most potentially contentious situations, Lucas consistently shows up with constructive, thoughtful, and principled perspectives.

Rochelle, likewise, has a strong track record of public service based on her prior position on Council from 2010 — 2018. She is a respected voice across the region on behalf of our city, and consistently engages on our most pressing issues. She served through the difficult early years of the great recession and brought consistent focus to economic and fiscal sustainability in the city — which has unfortunately again become much-needed experience, given the economic impacts of the pandemic. When I think of Rochelle, her energy, intellect, and compassion are what first come to mind — and she brings them to every matter with which she’s involved.

I hope that our City Council of 2021 will count both Lucas and Rochelle among its members. The characteristics they offer are those that we need in all of our elected representatives, whether at the local, state, or federal levels, and especially in these challenging times. Meg Arnold Davis

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