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Letter: Vote for Swanson

I’m supporting Rochelle Swanson for District 5 on the Davis City Council because not only does she represent the part of town that I call home, but she’s committed to balancing our city’s great culture with the need for expanding our footprint as an innovation epicenter. My experience tells me that it is possible to attract and retain a variety of high value-added industries that support a well-rounded diversity of job types without losing the qualities that make Davis such a great place to live.

We need leaders like Rochelle who have experience in bridging the philosophical aspiration and practical aspects. We need leaders who can present a vision for our community and a desire to engage all of our residents. We cannot afford beginners at this juncture during this time of crisis. Rochelle has a proven track record from her prior tenure on the Davis City Council as a leader who relentlessly advocated for investment in Davis. She served as an ambassador bridging the gap between business leaders and Davis, and elevated our community as one where companies can plant their seed and grow. Rochelle was involved with several pro-business organizations in our region.

Electing Rochelle will be critical when Measure B passes because she is the best candidate who knows how to work closely with the myriad of entities that must come together to create such an innovation center. Rochelle has strong working relationships with innovation leaders in the Greater Sacramento region. She demonstrated in her prior terms in office that she gets the importance of economic development. Our small businesses can only thrive when we have a range of companies and businesses creating and supporting jobs in town.

The choice is clear. Davis is at a crossroads. We’re facing the uncertainty of an economic downturn and grappling with how we can continue to keep the high quality of life we expect. Rochelle’s expertise both as a community leader and coalition builder is exactly what we need on the Council. Please join me in voting Rochelle Swanson for District 5.”

Dr. Christian Renaudin, D.V.M., Ph.D., M.B.A. South Davis

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