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Question #1: What is your vision for Davis if elected to the council?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The City of Davis is at a crossroads and I am running after two years off the City Council because I have hope and optimism that we can meet the substantial challenges that face our community. I come back to running for office with a new perspective. I want to improve how we engage and include the entire community. As we reimagine public safety and economic resiliency, I want to inspire the voices who haven’t been heard to come to the table. We must begin by reviewing our budget from top to bottom, including employees and contractors benchmarked by what is necessary to run a healthy city while supporting essential services. It’s time to create a clear and transparent framework for City decision-making that encompasses community, commissions, staff and Council. Our commitment to affordable housing must include a robust array of jobs for every income level. We can’t ignore Davis’ role in the regional recovery and the assets our community has with UCD and numerous innovative thinkers who call this home. The reality is emissions, traffic, social needs and economic vitality are not bound by the borders of our city. Davis has transportation, renewable energy and agricultural industry giants that we can leverage to reap the benefits of the Green Economy. I believe we can determine the course we want to set Davis on not only in the next two to four years but well beyond. Trying to solve our issues alone is short-sighted. We must move forward together.

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