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Question #2: What do you see as the biggest problem facing Davis?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

In my opinion, currently the pandemic and its unknown economic impacts on City operations, the local economy and residents is the most critical issue facing Davis. Will our business community survive? Will the City have enough revenues to deliver municipal services? While there are many things outside the City Council’s control, there are actions we can take. It’s time to substantially improve the transparency of how decisions are made and expand efforts to keep residents informed about looming challenges and opportunities. We need a uniform process to analyze issues and create sound policies for Davis reflective our economic reality and a diversity of voices. Local leaders have a responsibility now more than ever to foster inclusiveness. District 5 comprises freeway, commercial, retail, Olive Drive, affordable housing and a mix of single-family homes divided from the rest of the city by I80 and the railroad tracks. Historically, South Davis has felt it provides revenue to the City and gets little in return. Davis, as a whole, needs to unite our various neighborhoods to meet the challenge we face effectively. It’s impossible to predict how Davis will weather this crisis but with sound leadership, a diversity of voices at the table, and experienced City staff, I have confidence we can do well. I am ready to bring my experience from the last recession and recovery to the table with even more energy, compassion and optimism.

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